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Sunday, 14 August 2016

I'm Having a Love Affair With The Tube

It's an exciting thing, to be a twenty-two year old in London in 2016. I feel like I'm bang in the middle of the delicious few years in which, in your head, you're still pretty much a teenager, but for all intents and purposes, you're actually an adult. Which means you get to do adult things and make your own adult decisions. you get to do adult things.

You can buy a Pret for lunch, if you want to (you probably shouldn't, when you could buy a weeks' worth of vegetables and pasta for the same price, but hey ho). You can chat to a friend of a friend on Twitter, decide that you are best friends who just haven'thad the good fortune to meet IRL, and be in Costa in Turnpike Lane together in less than an hour.

London is exciting - there's no way arguing against it. It's one of the most multi-cultural, diverse and thriving cities in the world. Just last week, I walked past Whitney from Eastenders, having a crafty cig outside New Look on Oxford Street (I'm joking about this being exciting. But it did really happen).

Despite being smack bang in the middle of this bustling hub of excitement and movement, people always want something to moan about, don't they?

A quick Google search will throw up a MILLION articles like this one, detailing why the London Underground is the worst thing about London - even about England (maybe on par with Southern Rail). You know the arguments. It's always late. It's too hot. Too crowded. People have their music on too loud. People dare to put MAKE UP on whilst moving (yep, that really does annoy some people, apparently).

I'm going to say it, and I'm going to say it loud and proud - I bloody love the London Underground.

I love everything about it. I love the posters of new theatre shows lining the escalators. I love the buskers filling the tunnels with their voices and guitar melodies. I love outfit perving people watching on the escalators. I love feeling cosmopolitan and London enough to not have to check which way the Victoria Line is when I jump off the Jubilee at Green Park.

I love being able to join in with the collective grumble about Tube delays - even though, on my part, it's totally fake (hello? A NINETY SECOND delay? #firstworldproblems). I love being able to jump from zone to zone in fifteen minutes flat, when it feels like all of London, with all of the possibilities, is just a stretch of the fingertips away.

Brilliant things happen on the Tube too, if you're on the right line, at the right time.. It's no surprise that young creatives are flocking to London almost faster than the housing estates can keep up with. Take two of my fellow bloggers, Tara from CattitudeandCo and Fiona from The Escapologist's Daughter, who set up this AMAZING campaign in protest of anti body-positive 'Beach Body Ready' ad campaigns being rolled out across the UK last year.

The pic that sparked a national campaign again 'Beach Body Ready' ads
You don't get that on the 7.34am from Bedfordshire to Harpenden, do you?

I am in a very fortunate position in that I have both a parent AND an extremely generous boyfriend who have been willing to put me up in their cushy London flats for the last three months whilst I've been interning and working. Most people don't have that advantage. And maybe when I've been doing the same commute for years, the novelty of using the Underground everyday will wear off.

But right now, it's exciting, and for me, more than worth getting a sweaty armpit in your face for.

Smell that? That's the smell of the future, baby.

Feature image © Hannah Billie Perry

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  1. Aahhh I can't believe you love the tube too! People complain generally about it, but there's something almost enchanting about seeing everybody rushing up and down those escalators, the wind as the train arrives, and how the trains will be at the platform for usually 20seconds and then move along again. I always get excited to go to London and the tube excites me just as much; I'm glad you think so too haha! :) Georgia xx



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