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Sunday, 2 October 2016

BLOGTOBER #2: Goodbye Sugar, Bliss, and Pre-Teen Innocence

Remember the teen magazine Mizz? Course you do. How about Sugar? Bliss? Well, guess what? They're all gone. None of them are being printed anymore. 

I don't know how many people this will come as a surprise to. Maybe I missed the grand Internet farewell that sent these magazines off, but I was genuinely shocked and more than a bit upset when I found out a few days ago that the magazines that I had loved as a preteen and early teen were... kaput.

Look, we all know everything's all about the digital now. Some teen mags have rolled with the times, and done pretty well with adapting to an online world - Sugarscape is definitely a good example of this. And there still are some print teen magazines kicking about, like Teen Vogue. The reason, obviously, that these younger teen magazines don't exist any more is because the information that  they were offering is now all there at the touch of a fingertip on a keyboard.

No matter how much baby boomers rag on us millenials, one thing is definitely true - we're used to having everything faster. We don't want to wait for anything, and with most kids getting their first smartphone before their 11th birthday, most of us pretty rarely have to anymore.

Fourteen year olds don't want to walk ALL THE WAY TO THE SHOPS, spend £2.50 on a magazine with Zoella on the front, and then walk ALL THE WAY HOME when they could just go on YouTube and watch her vlogs, or catch up with her day through her Snapchat story. The access is instant and probably a lot more reliable too, since Zoella's vlogs come directly from her and not through a load of PR people.

Another huge selling point of these magazines for me was the juicy bits. You know. The sexy bits, that made you feel super old and sophisticated and clued up. The 'Help and Advice' sections of these magazines were a goldmine for the inexperienced among us. One month you'd figure out what a 'blowjob' was (and then be completely grossed out by the idea). The next you'd memorise exactly the 'right' way (?!?) to kiss with tongues.

Okay, okay, I know. This is pretty laughable now. Sigh. We were all so much more naive back in 2005...

I'm hugely conflicted. On one hand, I really do feel that the Internet is brilliant for younger users - particularly for those people who feel 'different', and who maybe feel like they can't talk to anybody IRL about what's troubling them. On the other hand... yeah. Younger people can be exposed to some really dark, dark stuff on the Web SCARILY easily.

I turn 23 next week. Am I old and out of touch for feeling sorry for the 13 year olds' who will never get to experience the thrill of seeing a new issue of Sugar, complete with 'exclusive' Zac Efron interview, after that long, weary four-week wait? And, the question that's bugged me the most whilst writing this post - if they aren't dribbling over and scissor-scoring the posters of Fall Out Boy out of Bliss, what are thirteen year olds' sticking on their bedroom walls???

See you tomorrow!
Hannah x

Feature image © Hannah Billie Perry

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1 comment

  1. Great post with plenty of food for thought.

    I do worry for the youth of today (when did I get so old?!). I can't help but feel they are part of this 'fast food' generation where they want things instantly. To be honest, I think this also to applies to us older folk too, maybe not quite so much as the youngsters. But yeah, it has got me thinking.

    I grew up reading those magazines so it's sad to see they no longer exist.



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