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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Blogtober #5: 23 Painfully Honest And Not Always Pretty Facts About Me

It sometimes feels as though we live our lives basically online these days.We chat to people every single day, but how well do we actually know these people? Do we know what they're scared of? What their favourite sound is? Which book last made them cry?
It's easy to get lost in the online whirl of auto DMs, blog promotion and carefully thought out Instagram-worthy pics of our morning coffee. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting pretty frustrated with it. So, let's go back to basics. 

Hi, I'm Hannah. Here are 23, painfully honest and not always pretty (but ALWAYS true) facts about me. I want people to know the real me online, and not just the filtered one. Because, hey, that what real life's all about, isn't it? 

Hannah x

23 Painfully Honest And Not Always Pretty Facts About Me

  1. When I get ill, I watch The Office on repeat. I am and always will be incredibly in love with Tim.
  2. My favourite film is Lost in Translation. I think. At least, that's what I tell people when they ask, because it sounds cool. Plus, Bill Murray's in it.  
  3. I live in London, half of the time with my dad in Putney, and half of the time with my boyfriend in Kilburn, It's kind of a nightmare because I'm constantly lugging suitcases to and from work and on the Tube to get to the other one, but I don't really pay rent on either places at the minute, so it's a small price to pay.
  4. I definitely want to do sexy things with a girl one day. I'm not bi, because I never meet girls that I 'like like', but I'm definitely bicurious. 
  5. I can't get into the routine of eating breakfast. Toast makes me feel sick and yogurts don't fill me up, so illogically, I normally choose to eat nothing. 
  6. The bits of my body that I don’t like are my boobs (or lack of), my teeth/mouth/smile, my huge forehead, and my super-fine hair.
  7. The bits of my body that I DO like are my nose, my eyes, my hips/legs/butt, and my fingers.
  8. I went through quite a wild child phase between 17 and 21. Now, I read more books and cook a lot. I really like the domesticity of cleaning, cooking and doing laundry. It makes me feel safe, organised, and like I'm not a complete mess of a person.
  9. In an incredibly fortunate twist of fate, I met Rupert Grint in 2013 after I came home for the weekend from uni and his sister’s band was playing in a pub in the tiny, tiny village in Bedfordshire that I used to live in. He was smoking, I was smoking (boo), and I actually asked him for a lighter as though I didn't know who he was. And then asked for a photograph.
  10. I went to university in Birmingham. I had a place at Brighton after completely ballsing up my AS Levels, but I pulled my grades back up a lot in Year 13 and ended up going to Birmingham, despite having never visited the uni (the decision was entirely made on looking at pictures of the campus online).
  11. I have my coffee black, with way too much sugar. 
  12. My hair is normally pretty tangled and up in a ponytail because a) it's so fine that I worry that I'll lose about 30% of it by brushing all the knots out, and b) I'm incredibly lazy, not altogether that bothered about how I look and would rather spend the extra 15 minutes in the morning having another coffee.
  13. The first time I gave somebody a blowjob, I had to run to the loo to throw up. Yep, my gag reflex is pretty weak.
  14. I’ve never drunk a cup of tea in my life. Green tea, yes. PG tips? No.
  15. I peed my pants in a shopping centre when I was 8 and it's the single most embarrassing moment of my entire life. 
  16. The thing that scares me most in the world is the idea of having no family.
  17. I'm from a pretty working-class background and my boyfriend is very, very well off and cultured. I sometimes feel like we're Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy. It definitely makes things interesting though. 
  18. I worked as a bartender in my favourite Birmingham club in my third year of uni, and I secretly lapped up all of the attention from drunk, horny students (and the tips). Hence why I stayed there for eight months, when I was only supposed to for three.
  19. I can't do small talk. At all. I am rubbish at it.
  20. I watch Eastenders religiously. I have NEVER admitted this online before. It reminds me of my Mum.
  21. I sometimes worry that I won't ever be as in love with anybody else as I was with my first boyfriend, including my current boyfriend.
  22. I've spent a year trying to get into publishing, but now that I have a full-time job in the industry, but I'm starting to have doubts about if it's where I really want to be (but I'm pretty sure this is normal).
  23. I got a HUGE loan and grant at uni. Altogether it came to just under £10,000 a year. And I saved NONE of it. I went out a lot, drank a lot, bought a lot of takeaways and clothes from Urban Outfitters, but I didn't save a single penny. Now, I live in London and get paid £8 an hour. Screw you, Student Hannah. You absolute idiot. 



  1. Great post. It's brilliant to read more about bloggers and get to know them more as people. I'm exactly the same as number 23 - I'm not sure what student me was doing!


  2. Hi!

    Just wanted to say that I discovered your blog tonight and I adore your honesty. In a blogging world full of marble flat lays and polished photos it's so nice to find someone who just writes openly. I love it.

    Beth xx

  3. I came to your blog through your publishing Q&A (a recent graduate, trying to get a job in publishing) and I love this post. Can we be friends? :P

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