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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Blogtober #6: Why I Pretty Much HATE Sundays

I can't explain it. I just really, really don't like Sundays. Even if the Sun is shining, the birds are cheeping, and I've waken up mercifully hangover-free, they just always feel kinda grey to me.

It's not because I dread Mondays. Monday is actually my absolute FAVOURITE day. It's start of a new week - the new opportunity to have a really, freaking, GREAT seven days.Maybe it's ecause I live in London, and I'm totally spoilt because of it - expecting everything to be at my beck and call all of the time and getting irrationally annoyed when I can't walk down Kilburn High Street to the M&S Food Hall at 6pm because I've heard a rumour that they're now selling Katsu Chicken Curry (!!!!) tortilla chips.

My boyfriend and I always make amazing food on a Sunday. This morning, we made the best bacon pancakes I've ever had in my life. They were AMAZING. They were a Nigella recipe, and oh my, if you want to make American-style pancakes, this is the recipe you need to follow.

And despite the fact that I'm moaning about Sundays, I will admit, sometimes vaguely exciting things DO happen on Sunday evenings. Like right this second, I'm making my first ever Sunday roast with my boyfriend in our silly, poky flat in Kilburn, and we've just burnt the broccoli, but it's still turning ot to be a lot fo fun and a great way to spend a Sunday evening with your best friend.

And yet. It just feels like, to me, anything that I do on a Sunday before about 5pm is about 60% as exciting as anything I do any other day of week. Why is that? Is it just pre-getting-back-to-work blues?! Let me know what you think, because I really have no idea!!

Hannah x

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