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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Clue Adventures: My first locked room game #AD

So last weekend, I took the Tube with my boyfriend, Ludo, all the way to Mile End to play my first ever locked room game.

If you don't know what a locked room game is, I'll set the scene: you're in a room. It's locked (duh). There is a timer on the wall. You get given some backstory and context about a mystery, and it's up to you to solve it to escape the room.

Around you are puzzles, riddles, strategy games, red herrings, things that look important, but aren't, and things that are important but that you'll take one look at and chuck aside (I did this a lot).

It. Was. Freaking. Brilliant.

This locked room game was called Clue Adventures, and here's the backstory: a famous magician, Alistair Wilson , goes missing on New Years Eve, 1999. You and your team are in his flat. You have one hour to find out why he went missing, where he is and where he left his book of secrets, before the block of flats gets demolished, and the secrets are lost forever.

Obviously I couldn't take too many photos because #keepthesecrets, but the room you walk in to has a mirror, pictures on the walls, a postbox, a locked drawer, a copy of the dictionary, a copy of David Copperfield, a lunchbox with a carrot on it, and a really, really old, password-protected computer.

Each clue, once you solve them, leads on to the next one and gets you a step closer to solving the mystery. There's codes from secret lovers to decipher, games where you have to work together to work out the clue, maths puzzles, and so much more.

Alasdair Wilson goes missing on New Years Eve, 1999...
What it really reminded me of is a Big Brother challenge from 2009. And that might sound like a diss, but it's really, really not - I LOVED Big Brother back in the Pete and Nikki era. It's like nothing I've ever done before on a Saturday afternoon, and I can't wait to find more around London to try out. I'm hooked!

The thing I loved most about doing Clue Adventures was that it reminded me to have good, proper fun! What with all the boring stuff like work, life admin, etc. that unfortunately we all have to do, it's easy to forget that sometimes we can just go and do something 100% just because it's FUN, and not feel guilty about it.

Website: Clue Adventures

If you're stuck for something to do at the weekend... you are stuck no more. Go break some riddles and solve some mysteries, and look pretty snazzy in a builder's hat a the same time.

Ready for some detective work
Just, maybe... don't do it with just your boyfriend, if you don't want to have a minor domestic forty-five minutes in when he's using the wrong key to open a safe and won't accept that he's wrong.

Hannah x

Feature image © Hannah Billie Perry



  1. We are so glad you enjoyed it - and until the end of November if your readers use PromoCode 'houdini' there's 20% off ticket prices - www.clueadventures.com

  2. If you want to find more of them, you'll find a list here: http://exitgames.co.uk/exit-games#London

    (or a map on the front page of that website).

  3. I have never heard of this but I want to have a go at it!! It sounds like such a unique and fun idea. Great post Hannah xx

    Tabitha xx

  4. I've wanted to do one of these for ages, but my husband and friends didn't think it sounded any fun. After this post I'm just going to force them all into it, it looks so good!
    Beth x | Adventure & Anxiety


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